We are located in Newcastle, Ca on 15 beautiful acres.

Cavallo Stables has all the show barn amenities; two arenas, great new footing, new jumps, grass pastures, hot water and a track around the property to build strength and stamina or you can go for a leisure trail ride.

The Main Barn has 12 X 12 stalls with 12 X 24 walk outs, rubber mats, shavings, automatic waterers and feeders. We clean stalls once daily, feed 3x per day and horses get daily turn out in grass pastures.
The cost is $800 per month

The Paddocks with shelters are made out of pipe corrals. They have rubber mats under the shelters with shavings.
The cost is $700 per month

The Grass Pastures are irrigated and properly fenced with hot wire.
The cost is $600 per month.