Zivania’s Mist

7 years old
16.1 hands

Misty is a competitive young jumper that is currently showing successfully at 1.0 with a junior rider and a professional.  She’s comfortable to ride, solid to jumps and  fast if you want to win.  She has plenty of scope to jump higher as her show experience increase. 

Sale Price: 

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Clintocento - Sold

Cento is a lovely comfortable horse with a huge stride.  He was showing 1.30m when we bought him 3 years ago.  His current owner does .90m to 1.0m and recently transitioned into equitation.  He’s also been shown recently at Sac International by 15 year old Mason Milo doing the 3’6 medals and hunters to build his equitation resume.

Price: $100,000

Carsino Z - Sold

Carsino, 16 years old, 16.3, gelding.  He has a huge stride and huge scope.  No stop, no spook.  He has been with us for 3 years now.  Mason, my son (at age 12), rode him in 1.20-1.30.  Mason was very successful with him.  Champion year end Jr/Am Modified and qualified for USHJA Zone Championships and Nationals at Vegas.  As of August 2021, Carsino was being leased in the barn doing .95 with a junior rider who is 16.  Then got leased in the barn by an amateur doing 1.0.  We just took him to two weeks at West Palms Sacramento with Mason and he won 1.20 class, 3rd in the 1.20 Classic and 6th in the 1.25 Grand Prix.   He is incredibly kind, I know him very well.  He loves to go to shows and loves trail rides.  

Price: $30,000

Nikoletto - Sold

Nikoletto- Large Pony Jumper, unbeatable.  Fast and careful.  He’s very comfortable to sit on, rides like a horse.  He has a huge stride so he can do the horse strides or add for the pony strides.  No soundness issues, no maintenance.

Price: $30,000

Dauntless - Sold

Dauntless is a lovely young horse who is bomb proof.  No spook, no stop, no prep needed.  He’s taken his owner from cross rails to 2’9.  The owner came to me owning him and they were both green, but he was so tolerant and willing to learn.  He has auto changes, extremely comfortable gaits and jump, and has a huge stride.  I put my tiniest rider on him and he was absolutely perfect.  Videos below.  He will be at the Halloween Show at Rancho Murieta at the end of October.  He’s available to be tried there or anytime before then in Newcastle, Ca.  We will also add more videos and pictures during the show.

Price: $50,000

White Out - Sold

USEF- 5281726

White Out has brought our kiddo from cross rails to Rated Medium Ponies.  Lead changes are auto.  Plenty of step for the lines and always jumps to the other side.  He has won many Children’s Pony And Medium Pony Championships and Year-End Championships. Winner of the Bitsy Shields Eq Challenge and the Flamingo Eq Special.  He is currently sitting first in Children’s Pony Hunter and Medium Pony Hunter Year-End Awards for 2021.  He just won Round 1 of the NorCal Pony Medal and finished 4th overall.  All’s he does is win, win, win.  He will finish his year in Vegas as he is qualified for Nationals and then he’s on to his new kiddo.


Uptown Funk - Sold

Uptown Funk “Callie”
USEF #5392486
Microchip #985 111 000 323 695

Callie competes in the 1.00-1.10 jumpers, but she has done some hunters and a couple hunter derbies. Callie lives at home with her adult amateur owner and regularly trail rides and schools cross country. Callie has no vices and receives no prep at the horse shows, not even a jump school or lunge on schooling.   She’s very brave and confident to the jump, she’s ready to teach her next rider how to be a winner!  This is the mare you never want to let out of your 


Price: $50,000

Navarro - Sold

Navarro was imported from Holland last year and is everything we were hoping he would be.  He big and comfortable will a lovely big stride and beautiful jump.  He competed successfully in the young hunters last year and did a derby.  This year he finished Reserve Champion in the Green 3’6 and competed successfully with a 12 year old in the Children’s Hunters, Eq and Onondarka.  His sire, Vigo, won the 2010 World Equestrian Games and his grand sire won the 2002 WEG.  Both ridden by Philippe Le Jeune.  Only father/son combo to ever do it.  Both are classified as Ambassadors for the Belgian Warmblood breed.

Price: $50,000

Helios - Sold

Helios is a lovely Hunter/Eq horse with tons of potential.  He has competed successfully in two International Hunter Derbies and the Green 3’6 with a professional.  A junior rider has shown him successfully in the Children’s Hunters and 3’ Equitation.  Auto changes, huge strides, comfortable with no stop or spook.  He will go long or short, he will always get to the other side safely. 

Price: $60,000

Toile’ Royal Prince - Sold

Prince is a medium welsh pony with lots of experience and success in the medium rated ponies.  We’ve been using him to teach our 6 year old rider to learn to canter, do cross rails and short stirrup.  He has great lead changes and a huge stride.  Prince is a very loving pony that always wants to make his rider happy.  He requires very little schooling or prep.  More video and pictures coming soon!

Purchase price - $15,000

Price: $15,000

Envy Me RR - Sold

Lovely mare with a heart of gold.  Competitive, careful and kind.  No stop.  No spook.   Will jump from any distance.  Has a beautiful jump and huge stride, comfortable to ride.  Has shown successfully  up to 1.10 with room to go higher.  Kid tested and approved!  Could easily do the Eq and Medals too.

Price: $50,000

Kelly Acres Anastasia - Sold

Kelly Acres Anastasia, 21 years old, medium pony, competes up to .85, very sound, no maintenance, no spook, no stop, very careful, always wins.  Lease only.

Price: $15,000

ICSS Sunplay - Sold

Tank arrived from Denmark in January 2017 and had  an active and successful show record in the 1.35m Jumpers.  His owner purchased as an investment to sell, but loved having him so we took him off the market for most of last year.  He has continued  to succeed in the jumper ring and successfully competed in the 1.30 at HITS Coachella. He then competed successfully at Woodside in the Grand Prixs, then on to 1.40.   Tank was  leased for the 2017 summer to do the Amateur Jumpers and the Jr/Am Mods.  He was very successful earning championship ribbons and winning with a girl who has been away at college and hasn’t ridden all year.  Careful, brave and jumps the open water.  Amateur approved!  Xrays available upon request.   

Price: $80,000

Synergy - Sold

1.10 Jumper who’s very comfy to ride and has a huge stride.  Not your typical TB, he’s super easy going and has great whoa and go.  Very willing, tolerant and competitive!  No stop, no spook.

Price: $10,000

Nikoletto - Leased

The best jumper pony!  Wins everything in the jumper ring, big scope, schooled 4’ at home, huge stride,very comfortable, no lead changes.  

Price: $15,000

Carlotta - Sold

Carli is a big gorgeous mare with a huge stride and auto lead changes.  She competed in the 1.20 jumpers before we got her.  We have turned her into a stunning equation horse. 

Price: $40,000

Tye Dye - Sold

Great lesson horse, we just aren’t using him anymore.  Would also be a great trail/pleasure horse. 9 years old, jumps 2’6, has changes. 12k

Price: $12,000

Good Luck Z - Sold

Luca is a gorgeous sweet young horse with tons of potential.  He is very comfortable and has a great mouth.  He has auto lead changes and is amateur friendly.  His owner imported him last year as an investment.  He's currently showing in the 5 year old Young Hunters and A/A Hunters and equitation with his owner. He has plenty of scope for the 3'6.    

Price: $50,000

Homer Prest - Sold

Homer arrived from Denmark on January 16th and has an active and successful show record in the 1.35m Jumpers.  He will continue to succeed in the jumper ring or can transition into a top equitation horse.  Jumps in great form, kind and jumps the open water. He is junior/amateur friendly and successfully competed in the Amateur Equitation and the A/O Hunters at HITS Coachella. .  Xrays available upon request.  His next shows are both weeks of Woodside.


Price: $80,000

Devout - Sold

Connor is  a big beautiful gelding with the sweetest personality.  He's a people pleaser for sure!  He's turning 6 this year and has been started right and has good show miles.  Last year, he successfully competed in the Pre-Greens and also did 3' hunters and equitation with his amateur owner.  He was Champion or Reserve Champion in every division he competed in last year!  He has a big stride,  great jump and never stops or spooks!  This year he has successfully shown in the 3'3 and 3'6 hunters and equitation.  Junior rider, Jessica Behar, catch rode him for the $15,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby at Sonoma and placed 6th out of 40 horses with scores of 80 and 87.

Price: $50,000

Calibro - Sold

Calibro is a super simple, easy going guy who is a barn favorite for sure!  He would be perfect for anything from 11 and under eq to 1.30 jumpers..  He's very safe and will jump from any distance.  He can take any rider and give them confidence and move them up to the next level.  Last year he was NorCal Children's Jumper Champion!  He also took his owner successfully into the 1.25.  Available to try at Brookside Premier Week 2.  Current video and pics coming soon!  Owner is off to college and motivated to sell or lease.

Price: $60,000 $40,000

Ferradae - Leased

Ferra is a big pretty mare and is best suited for 3'-3'6 equitation and jumpers. She is a simple horse with no spook, no stop and no prep. She is very forgiving and will jump from any distance.

Price: $40,000 $20,000

Wedgewood - Sold

Wedgewood is a beautiful elastic gelding with lots of presence. He is very comfortable and would be suitedable to continue in his hunter/jumper career or switch to dressage. He is incredibly sound, no previous injuries or issues.

Price: $28,000

Calibro - Sold

Calibro is an amazing Grand Prix jumper who could do Children's/AA jumpers or do the equitation and medals. He has tons of scope, never stops and has more heart than any other horse. He is lazy natured, but loves to jump and perks up just enough to take you to the jumps. He's one in a million!

Price: $100,000

Pialotta - Sold

Pia is a big beautiful mare! She has large comfortable stride and an excellent jump. She has automatic lead changes and is horse show ready.

Price: $20,000

Princeton - Sold

Princeton is a big lovely hunter type gelding. He can go in all 3 rings and can do the derbys. He is cmfortable to ride and is very simple and forgiving. He can do anything from Long Stirrup to A/O Hunters.

Price: $50,000

Boxster - Sold

Currently showing 3' jumpers
Schooling 4' at home

Price: $15,000

Bardolino - Sold

Currently showing 3'-3'3" medals and equitation
2007 Champion SAHJA Ch/A Medal Finals
2009 4th NorCal 3' Medal Finals
2009 3rd Onodarka Medal Finals

Price: $35,000

Graf Furioso - Sold

Currently showing 3' medals, jumpers and hunters, he can do it all!
Schooling 3'6"-3'9" at home

Price: $60,000

Daddy's Money - Sold

Currently showing in 3'-3'3" hunters.
Junior hunter potential for sure!

Price: $15,000

Remington SF - Sold

Currently showing 3'-3'9" jumpers, medals and eqiutation.
Remy can take you from 2'6"-3'6" with ease, a truely lovely horse!

Price: $60,000

Good Night Gracie - Sold

Currently showing in 1.30 jumpers, hunters and equitation. Gracie is owned by Sami Milo and has been ridden by herself and many of her student.
2011 Accomplishment: NWC III - 8th Mini Prix 4'1"
NWC IV - Equitation 14 & under Champion
Brookside Welcome - Performance Hunter Champion
Brookside Welcome - 6th Hunter Derby

Price: $100,000

Cyrah - Sold

Training: Gigi had been under saddle for 3 months at the time of this video. She is smart, willing and very comfortable to ride. The video shows her in draw reins for her second time and jumping a grid for the first time. I even tried some lead changes and was pleasantly surprised! The video was taken with out any previous lunging or riding and without editing. She is a very special mare!

Price: $20,000

Brimstone - Sold

Bravo is a promising young jumper prospect. He has tons of scope and is very careful! He needs continued training.

Price: $20,000

Winslow - Sold

Winslow is a super 1.25m jumper. He comfortables, has a giant stride and great scope. Winslow is shown here with a junior rider jumping 1.25m-1.30m. He is priced for a quick sale. More videos are available.

Price: $30,000

Mickey Mouse - Sold

Great pony for all riders!  Smooth and comfortable canter and jump!

Price: $15,000

Piccolo Pete - Sold

3'3" Jumpers and Equitation

Price: $10,000

RG Finnick - Sold

Price: $40,000

Zsoltan - Sold

Z is an excellent jumper and could also double in the equitation and medals. He has plenty of scope for the big jumps and is simple and comfortable to ride

Price: $35,000

Voltron - Sold

Dion is an amazing horse sired by Voltaire. He is ready to be your next medal and eq champion! Dion is the perfect derby horse and can go in the jumper ring too. No spook, no extra energy, no naughty behavior. Unload and go!

Price: $40,000

Bon Ami - Sold

Beau is a beautiful hunter/equitation horse with an eye catching presence. He has a loving personality and is very easy going. His consistent rhythm makes finding the jumps simple and fun. 

Price: $40,000

Grasshopper - Sold

Hopper is new to our sale barn and we are impressed with his talent every day. We have discovered he has tons of scope! He's a 4 foot horse for sure, but could also be shaped into a nice equitation horse. He's comfortable and has a huge stride.

Price: $20,000

Licelliano - Sold

Leo is a great equitation horse! He has won medal finals from the 2'6" Stirrup Cup Finals to the Pickwick Medal Finals. In 2013 he was Reserve Champion USHJA Jumper Horse of the Year, he can do anything! He has a gorgeous jump and is absolutely beautiful head to hoof.

Price: $100,000

Lucky GoldMine - Sold

Lucky GoldMine (KC) is being offered for sale. He is an 11 year old sport pony, standing 14.1 5/8". He has extensive show experience and performs equally well in Hunter or Equitation disciplines. Qualified for 2015 Pony Finals.

2014 year end awards: PCHA Champion Region 2 Pony Equitation, PCHA "A" 3rd Pony Equitation, NorCal Champion Pony Equitation, NorCal Reserve Champion Large Pony Hunters. 2014 NorCal Pony Medal Finals Reserve Champion.

Price: $50,000

Bravo - Sold

Bravo ia an amazing three ring horse!  He has tons of scope and anybody can ride him!

Price: $40,000